Avenida Corrientes 1984, Capital City, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Zip Code: C1045AAO

Information about Corrientes Avenue.

It is one of the most representative streets of the City of Buenos Aires and of the most popular among “porteños”. Corrientes is well known as the avenue of the bookshops, cafés, theaters and pizza parlors.

Corrientes Avenue runs along 70 blocks beginning in Puerto Madero neighborhood and ending in Chacarita neighborhood. Between 1910 and 1938 the street was widened and it became an avenue. It was named after one of the Argentine provinces, the same as Cordoba and Santa Fe Avenues. The Avenue goes along the City center and the areas of Once, Abasto and Villa Crespo which are typical neighborhoods of Buenos Aires also having a strong bond with Tango.

An Association of Friends of Corrientes Avenue set up sculptures of tango scenes in some of its corners, one of these is located on the corner of Corrientes Avenue and Drago Street.

The most traditional pizza parlors are on Corrientes Avenue, specially in the center area: such as Güerrín, Los Inmortales, Banchero, Las Cuartetas and El Palacio de la Pizza and also in Villa Crespo, Almagro and Chacarita.

Most of the bookshops and theaters of the city are located around the Obelisco, On Corrientes Avenue, between Callao Avenue and Esmeralda Street (in the center of the city). The most important theaters are located in this area such as Maipo, Gran Rex, Opera, Avenida, San Martín, Astral, Lola Membrives, Multiteatro, Metropolitan and Alvear among others. Bookshops on Corrientes Avenue are usually open until after midnight, especially on weekends and the biggest ones have bars and theaters. Along this way there are also a lot of bars and cafes as La Giralda, La Paz or El Vesuvio, which are famous in the city.

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Aropto. Ezeiza 24
Aropto. J. Newbery 05
San Telmo 03
La Boca 06
Recoleta 02
Peatonal Florida 1,2
Ushuaia 3.069
El Calafate 2.728
Bariloche 1.581
Iguazú 1.310
Salta 1.481
Mendoza 1.063