Our History

Intersur Suites:

Intersur Suites Buenos Aires is one of the hotels that forms the Intersur Hoteles chain of Tur-lyfe S.A which belongs to the “Federación Argentina de Trabajadores de Luz y Fuerza”. Our mission is to be well known as an excellent company within the hotel industry, both in social and business areas in every destination. Intersur Suites is located on Corrientes Avenue, it has 9 floors and 70 rooms. It is near the main places of interest for entertaining, business or tourism. All our rooms are wide and equipped with great comfort, having Cable TV with remote control, safety box, mini-bar, hairdryer, air conditioning, microwave ovens, access to National and International Dialing Codes and WI-FI. Staying at Hotel Intersur Suites Buenos Aires you will be able to enjoy before checking in. Prior to your arrival, you can request the additional services that you wish for your stay. The hotel concierge is at your service to satisfy your needs, to put flowers in your room, bring chocolates or make a reservation for restaurants, a Spa or any other show so that you’ll be able to enjoy a personalized service.

Intersur Hotels:

Intersur Hoteles is a chain that is also located in the main tourist points in the country:

Bariloche Intersur Amancay
Buenos Aires Intersur Suites Intersur Recoleta Intersur San Telmo
Córdoba Intersur La Cumbre Intersur Villa la Merced Intersur Villa del Dique
Mar del Plata Intersur 13 de Julio
Río Hondo Intersur Independencia
San Pedro Intersur Manzalife
Santa Fe Intersur Santa Fe
Villa Gesell Intersur Villa Gesell

Turismo Volt's

Turismo Volt's was born in 1992 in order to occupy the capacity of Intersur hotels, which belong to the “Federación Argentina de Trabajadores de Luz y Fuerza”, and also to create a Travel and Tourism Company able to satisfy the domestic and foreign demand, rendering tourist services that you require. Personalized service is our main strength. We are a group of professionals able to satisfy your needs either for business or pleasure. Turismo Volt's is able to issue domestic or international air tickets, being a member of IATA (INTERNATIONAL AIR TRANSPORT ASSOCIATION), filed at the National Department of Tourism with number 8448 pursuant to Resolution 382/95.



The Federación
Argentina de
Trabajadores de Luz
y Fuerza FATLyF
is a second-degree union
entity which gathers the electric energy industry unions of the whole country. FATLyF was founded on July 13th, 1948 in the framework of a decade characterized by the social transformations and formed in the Christian social doctrine, which had been incorporated to the political patrimony of the Argentinean workers. The entity has consolidated an institutional culture based on solidarity in its long-term tradition. It is therefore, a union that practices politically active humanism.

Entity Organization

Having developed from this conception, the organization nowadays gathers 41 unions throughout the Argentine national territory, with more than 50.000 direct members and about
250.000 indirect members that are protected by a consolidated network of social security that co-ordinates health, welfare, tourism, housing, scholarships and training systems. In its history, it has taken an active place in the life of the electric energy industry companies, from a responsible union tasks exercising to co-operative management and corporate self-management experiences.